Childers Square - Canberra City


Childers Square, designed for our client, Amalgamated Property Group, is situated on the corner of University Avenue and Childers Street, Canberra City.

The building design covers over 15000 square metres of commercial office space over 6 levels. The ground floor consists of nine retail tenancies, restaurants and cafes. There are two secure basement car parking levels providing parking spaces for 240 cars as well as storage. There are 30 motorcycle spaces and bike racks for in excess of 100 bicycles. Other amenities included in the building is the state of the art foyer with four high speed lifts, another separate foyer with two lifts, male and female shower and locker facilities, outdoor balcony and landscaped gardens.

Entrance into the main foyer is located on the corner of University Avenue and Childers Street. This main entrance acts as the main service core of the building.

The foyer was designed to create a sense of arrival within the building. The four lifts were carefully placed so as not to be seen as you enter the space. The main aim of the design was to make the floors, walls and ceiling become the feature of the space. The ceiling was designed to create a visual movement which mimics the design of the floor and draws your eye out to the courtyard and landscaped gardens.

The use of different materials creates a contrast of both cool and warm shades. The rich timber, dark floor stone, columns and lift surround provides warmth in the space while the white ceiling, walls and Carrara marble balances the material selection in the foyer. The use of natural timbers and stones create a sense of longevity within the space.

The restaurant which occupies one of the retail tenancies becomes the ‘owner’ of this foyer. It creates an interaction between the people walking through the foyer and the people eating adding to the movement and overall interest of the space.


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