Ring - Griffith


I bought the house in 1993 as an office space close to Kingston & Manuka, required as our office in the city was not affordable due to a new landlord purchasing the building.

The first thing we did was to remove the existing garage and place a 90 m2 office extension to the east side of the house with toilet and kitchenette facilities.

This was completed almost immediately and our office was there for 18 years, until moving to 59 Wentworth Avenue in December 2009.

My partner Helen and my daughter Grace spent months cleaning the office and removing 18 years of paper, drawings, old furniture and memories.

We then re-configured the office into a study wing, bedroom, bathroom/ensuite and master bedroom.

We replaced a window with French doors opening to a paved terrace; therefore we did not change the language of the external building.

All changes were made to the internal part of the house.

The wall between the existing lounge and original office was removed allowing us to create a seamless join between the old office, now bedroom and study wing and the existing house.

It was our intention to retain the classic theme which dominated the existing home. This was achieved through not only the design but the finishes. The overall design was to allow the art deco language of the original house to follow through.

The doors are solid core with brass hinges and brass door handles all taking the language of the original house.

We have also designed the cupboards to have their own lighting so as not to wake each other and this allows us to have less lighting in the ceiling of the house. Helen designed these cupboards to her needs and has a place for each item she owns. Concealed lighting has been used to create mood lighting at night.

The overall design has allowed us to utilise the house to its full potential. Our next plan is to add the family room.

We are very happy with the end result and thank Solitaire Homes (first stage) and Quality Constructions (final stage) for the quality of work which is evident in the overall finish and our enjoyment of our home.


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