This particular project is one of two examples in the whole of Canberra and in turn is listed on the heritage registers and not liked by my client’s wife. This was the start of our first meeting on site. My client approached me and said that he thought the house had potential but his wife did not like the look of the house and he asked how we could change the façade to make it more aligned his wife’s taste.

The house is a fine example of the Tudor style (1485-1603) which was originated from England. The architecture is unique to Canberra and I felt that we should respect the style, and enhance the building to create a new living environment for its new owner. The extension added was respectful of the original house.

Once demolition began it was realized that the building was in dis repair. The floor boards had to be removed, new walls added, and the addition of new roof frames was introduced. All the roof tiles were removed, stored and then placed back on the roof.

It was a major refurbishment, with no part of the building not being rectified. The timber on the exterior of the building was removed and replaced in the exact way it was built all those years ago.

The builder’s attention to detail and the way templates were used to create the exact design so as not to lose the integrity of the building was exceptional.

We extended the building, creating a new family room, mast bedroom, ensuite, kitchen and basement car park.

The constraints of the site were many, electrical, easements, neighbours and a very large tree which was the highlight of the block. The whole design relates to the tree and its deciduous nature, to allow light into the house in the winter.

The home was built to its finest detail; my enjoyment was dealing with the builder and the interior designer as they were excited about the project and enjoyed the complexity and constraints of the home.

The end result is a house that will stand the test of time. The house will be part of Canberra’s rich heritage for its life. The house will be the finest example of Tudor architecture in Canberra. We hope you enjoy this house and see the passion that has been devoted to this house.


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