MAXIM n : A guiding principle, of reasoning and truth which drives our commitment to gain maximum advantage for our clients.(L MAXIM)

The Maxim fit out was a collaboration between Architects Ring & Associates and marketing company Zoo. The unique project involved an entirely new company image and office premises for the recently established accounting firm, Maxim. Architects Ring & Associates worked closely with Zoo to create a fresh and vibrant interior to reflect the dynamic nature of the young firm’s image.

The foyer space was treated as the prominent area, being the first point of contact with clients. The existing space was long and narrow and as such presented a dark interior to work with. Curved walls were introduced to soften the space and conceal the sharp corners of the existing walls. The open foyer area functions in three parts; the entry, reception and the lift lobby, and as such aims to create the feelings of arrival, security and trust.

Additional light was brought into the foyer through the considered positioning of large front doors and a lift to the rear of the reception. The fit out used predominately white finishes encouraging a light ambience within the space.

Maxim is the collaboration of five partners, which is signified by the five recessed boxes in the reception area. Each has their own colour and motto, and the boxes function cohesively as a vibrant focal point for the foyer. The coloured recesses shine vividly against the white curved feature wall, and bring vibrancy to the space that reflects the ethos of Maxim.

Architect: Architects Ring & Associates

Marketing: Zoo


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