The Broadway Apartments


This development was designed around two existing Whitley cottages which were built during the 1930's.

These cottages have become an important part of Canberra's architectural history and there was a very long approval and design process because of this.

The two houses had to be retained and they were integrated to form the base of the development. The taller buildings behind are set back from the houses to the front of the block, and vary in height to create interest. Although the new building has been inspired by the old and is of a similar character, it was designed to look different rather than be a direct copy the Whitley houses.

The new building contains a dominant round window the front façade which was used during the 1930's architectural period and the Whitley's window style was carried through the new development in a different colour.

The two cottages were extremely dilapidated and as a result of the re-development sit proudly below the other units and have been returned to their former glory


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