MacDonnell - Yarralumla


The Yarralumla house was built on a small block and therefore had a small frontage. We decided to design a house with access to the front door via the side and therefore obtain a frontage for the living room and bedrooms to facilitate full advantage of the northern sun.

The house has been designed to allow for solar gain to all rooms and to take advantage of cross ventilation.

Water tanks have been used to store water for garden and toilet use.

‘E` Glass and double glazing were used on windows to ensure extra comfort and the house achieved a 6 star energy rating.

The width of the house has been designed for natural cross ventilation and highlight windows are used to create a chimney effect for hot air to escape.

The two-storey home was designed to have sleeping areas upstairs and master bedroom downstairs so that as the residents of the home grew older the master bedroom would always be utilised.

Priorities of landscape engagement were very important in the design of the house allowing the inside rooms to appear to flow to the outside rooms.

The displacement of the rooms creates courtyards, which are private and relate to the room to which they are adjacent.

The use of the pergola forms an entrance to the house and the gate provides security to the whole residence.

The use of different materials to the façade creates a palette, which relates to the neighbouring homes. The cedar picks up the colour of the red brick and the colour of the pergola is borrowed from the neighbours’ roof tiles.

The materials are used to generate interest and show the form of the house.

The blade walls show the viewer to the front entrance while still providing privacy to the living areas of the house.

The house has been designed for an unknown end user; therefore we had to consider the design being mindful of the range of different types of people who would like to live in this house.

The interest from people has been great and this design has now become one of the Blacketts new home designs for their portfolio.

We would like to thank all involved in creating this house and the care and attention to detail involved, especially the Blackett Homes Team.


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