Rosa - O’Malley


The O’Malley residence is a town house that was built as part of a complex that had been there for many years.

It had to feel part of the original complex, but create its own statement. The architectural style is classic with exposed columns and large fenestrations. The house was designed and built for a large family or an embassy, with large open plan rooms while creating separation from quiet areas (bed room and living room).

The house takes full advantage of the views and the surrounding vegetation.

The house has been built to a very high standard and all people and tradesman involved in the project have taken great pride in their work.

The design has taken into account cross ventilation, north facing windows and large amounts of natural light.

The palette of colours and materials allows the building to be part of its neighbours while still being of its own feel and style. The house has been constructed…slab and brick and has an eight star rating.


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