Tokich - Deakin


Located in Deakin the Tokich Residence is the ultimate large suburban home. Deakin is one of Canberra’s most prestigious inner South suburbs, covered in established trees, homes, shops and schools. The initial stage of designing the home was to consider the large established trees on the block and to compliment the existing streetscape.

The Tokich family’s busy lifestyle can be demanding at times, thus they wanted their new home to create a place of rest and leisure for the entire family. This was achieved through spacious family living areas and large outdoor areas for entertaining including a pool, gym, and bar. The architectural language of the home is read through the design of large open symmetrical spaces creating a classic facade.

The residence has been designed as a classic house that has a grand presence for the streetscape of Deakin. The pool sits in the centre of the house creating continuous movement from the interior to the exterior, while reflecting upon the rear of the home in the evening achieving a calming ambiance.

Carefully considered architectural detailing has resulted in a continuous flowing design that runs through the residence from the exterior into the interior with the clever use glazing, the home seems to unite the users with the natural environment.

The home has been designed to take full advantage of natural ventilation and sunlight. Careful design of spaces and placement of fenestration has meant that cross ventilation has been achieved throughout all parts of the house; the entertainment area provides the perfect space for indulging with family and friends. Overall Architects Ring and Associates are impressed with how well the design responds to the clients needs.


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