Lourandos - Deakin


The brief was to create a house that was for a family of four, which also provided an office and a separate area for an elderly parent at a later date. The site is situated in Deakin has a magnificent presence as a site. To the left of the block is a two storey house with a flat roof and to the right of the house is a single storey house with a tiled roof. The design of the new house had to incorporate the fall of the block and the language of the two houses.

The house has been designed in different zones although all linked together. As you enter the house there are two directions to proceed. One direction takes you to the formal living room and formal dining room and the other direction takes you to the family room. Both these rooms are open at either end to allow for cross ventilation and natural light. They also both relate to the outside, one to the view and the other to the pool and entertaining area. These rooms are connected by the central kitchen, which relates to the outside entertaining area.

The stairs from this area takes you to the bedroom zones, which contains three bedrooms and a central study area for the children. Each bedroom has one ensuite, walk in robe and balcony. The stairs then continue from this floor to the roof terrace, designed to take in the views over Canberra and Parliament House.

The door from the family room then leads you to the office, laundry, powder room and separate retreat. The wing is also the connection to the garage and storage room. This wing has also been designed as a single level, which restricts overlooking to the neighbours.

The house has been designed to explore ideas that a space is not just designed by four walls. The house allows the internal space to be apart of the outside environment with expanse of windows and doors, which open to the entertaining area. The entertaining area contains the garden, barbeque and pool area.

The separate zoning of the house allows for the individual temperature control, therefore eliminating the need for artificial heating and cooling to any part of the house not in use.

Although artificial environment controls have been accommodated, the house was designed to take advantage of existing site conditions, and many environmental sustainable design issues. The positioning of the property allows for natural solar gain and cooling. In addition to this, due to the homes narrow building forms natural ventilation and cooling can be achieved.

A basic palette of materials, stone, render, steel and glass creates the proportions and scale of the façade. The use of stone creates a contrast with the steel, the wood and the glass. The façade has been designed to allow for sun control and to capture the views through the large corner glass windows.

Proportions of solid to glass and roof overhang are moulded on to a form that breathes and flows easily indoors to outdoors. The glass creates a lively play of light throughout the home.

The overall house has been designed to allow for see through affect but still create privacy and security for the family. The house is defiantly one our favourite designs and the effort from all that were involved in the construction is evident in the final result.


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