Forrest Residence

Project details

Builder: PAPAS Property Group

When I first met with the Client on site I had an immediate response, despite the poor orientation, it was a fantastic site. On leaving, the initial concept had already been imagined; I then spent the time to create a new home design, creating plans for their new home. Having worked on a house of theirs previously my knowledge of their particular lifestyle was still relevant.

The following week we met again, and the client loved the concept. It was a home that allowed the outside in, relating it back to the surrounding landscape. The streetscape of the house to Mugga Way had to respect the neighbouring homes and the existing landscape of the site.

The house takes full advantage of the solar gains from the site and the narrow footprint allows for natural cross ventilation. The bedrooms are located in a separate wing where the formal wing is open to the house allowing for a direct relationship with the pool, garden and the borrowed views.

The kitchen and the family room have been designed to allow for the penetration of eastern and northern sun with great prospects of solar gains all day in winter but allowing shading in the summer.

The lower level contains the garage, the theatre room, the cellar and the pool equipment storage.

The palette of materials were the timber, rendered walls, alucobond cladding, stone features and double glazed windows.

The front of the house was designed in a modern language whilst using materials that will allow it to age as elegantly as the other houses on the street.

The end result is a house that the client feels is their home and they are proud to be a part of this iconic street.