Tennyson Residence

Project details

MBA 2021 – National House of the Year

HIA 2021 – ACT Home of the Year

Builder: Manteena Group
Photographer: H Creation

The Clients had very specific ideas about what a home that incorporated work, hobbies, family and extended family needed. And the outside was to look like an “airport building”.

There were hurdles and constraints to consider in that brief as the site was positioned in a heritage area of Forrest. I was excited by my first visit that raised the many challenges and opportunities. These included the width and fall of the site, as well as two established trees – a Chinese elm at the front and a Peppercorn at the rear.

Our first sketch aimed to capture the northern sun and to use the natural fall of the land to capture views to Parliament House, the city and the airport. This generated the idea of a circulation spine from the east to the west.

The idea of “fingers” being connected to the spine allowed us to create zones within the house: a living zone, terrace, office, double void entry and a sleeping zone. These fingers allowed us to capture solar penetration, cross ventilation, light and views for all rooms.

The systematic allocation of rooms was planned around the spine to fully utilise space, circulation, ambience and light. All spaces were designed to incorporate gardens which were placed between the “fingers”, enabling all rooms to relate to the gardens and views.

The kitchen and family room have been designed so the owner can overlook the whole garden and pool and be connected to the family at all times. There are many outside spaces, with the roof terrace delivering amazing views.

We believe that any home should incorporate three major elements. The first is the connection between the site and nature. The second, management of light, air and sound throughout the house. The third being the spirit of place or “Genius loci”, which is the ambience within the home; an uplifting feeling with moments of delight. The Clients believe their new home delivers on this promise.