Trieste - Kingston


The brief for the Trieste apartments requested a minimum of 20 residential apartments that would all achieve the benefits of cross ventilation and solar access. This complex task was attained in the proposal by the design of a centre core, and the considered placement of units within the overall building layout. The apartments are a variety of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom dwellings, each with an exceptionally high standard in material finishes and fittings in both the bathrooms, and kitchens.

When commencing the initial sketch plans it was found that 25 apartments would sit in the buildings footprint with ampoule ventilation and solar access. All apartments have spacious bathrooms and ensuites with allowance for either additional separate powder rooms, walk in robes or laundry’s. The apartments offer larger spaces than typical apartments; the idea was to reflect upon modern housing trends rather than smaller apartments in the area.

Each ground floor Apartment has a large tiled terrace providing large entertainment areas, the first, second and third floor apartments have large balconies off the living areas. This offers greater natural light to each apartment and evokes a greater feeling of space within. The overall feeling of light and spaciousness is enhanced by an increased ceiling height of 2700mm. The balconies are larger than required, with ampoule entertaining area, and where possible wrap around the corners of the building to maximise the surrounding leafy views and increase passive surveillance.

The external aesthetic of the building was formulated around the notions of a base, middle and top. The façade element was formed through the use of solid cladding that frames the front entrance. The façades proportion is manipulated with a mixture of glass and solid balustrade sections. Two large extruded elements that run along the sides of the façade create a visual separation between apartments, also forming a symmetrical scale through out the façade.

Environmental considerations played a huge role in the articulation of building and landscaped locations, large windows face the north maintaining winter solar access, while the remaining elevations gain there solar access through corner large corner balconies. Large underground water tanks service all toilet cisterns and gardens also allowing for future grey water provisions.

The result is an innovative and high class development that allows residents and visitors to experience the busy lifestyle of Kingston without the loss of quality spacious living. Architects Ring & Associates would like to thank the team at Creative building services for a quality construction, and Interior designer Karen Whitcombe, for their collaboration on this project.

Trieste Apartments is an Eight minute walk to the vibrant eclectic village of Kingston Green Square also in walking distance to Telopea Park with its 80 year old area links you to Lake Berley Griffin.

The design took approximately 12 months from inception to approval. The design is a central core with lift, stairs and exhaust ducts surrounded by apartments. The apartments are all designed to allow for natural cross ventilation and to capture solar orientation.

All apartments were designed with opening windows and reverse cycle air conditioning for comfort.

The design of Trieste caters for old, young, singles, couples and families with a mix of One Bed, Two Bed and Three Bed apartments. The Ground floor apartments have majority of the gardens and courtyard space. They have all been designed with garden beds in between instead of fences. Hedges will grow in the garden beds creating privacy for each apartment. Using the garden bed design allows the apartments to blend in to one another creating a continuous affect. Conifers have been placed around the building this achieves a green hedge fence for privacy. The garden was designed with a common area all around the development. This allows the body corporate to have access to the hedge to maintain and water the plants.

The water that maintains the garden is from an 80,000 litre tank built underground, which is reticulated around the garden. The concrete water tanks collect the rainwater from the roof.

The external design of the building is a selective mix of classical architecture with the use of modern materials. The four story void as you enter is to allow for the visitor to feel the excitement of the grandeur of the building and the use of chandelier brings back the classical feel of the building. The majority on ground as you enter has been laid from marble pieces which were designed by Karen Whitcombe (Interior Designer). The steel gates designed by ARAA were placed to create the security to the void as well as act on an airlock to the building. The marble from the foyer has also been used to surround the lifts in the stone as well as on the floor.

The apartment design was to allow maximum light but also create privacy between apartments. The apartments were designed with solid balconies to allow for privacy from floor to floor. This creates large eaves for privacy to the lower levels.


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