The deciding factor for the position of the house was to consider the views, the northern sun and the position of the lake. The road to the house was an important design element in how the house was approached. We changed the position of the access road from the street and then proceeded to create a road, which flowed directly up to the house, whilst providing a vista of the property, the arena and the lake.

The clients requested a two storey house design to capture the distant views and to take advantage the sunsets from the top story balcony.


The Concept/Interiors

The house concept was designed around views toward the country and to overlook the horse arena, where the daughter of our clients would spend most of her time. The house is a ‘U’ shaped design, with the pool being central to the house. The house was designed in this ‘U’ shape to minimise the south easterly winds and to create a protected space for all to enjoy.

The house design has ‘wings’ containing the formal living, the informal living and the quiet bedroom areas. This separation allows different uses throughout the house without causing any disturbance. The wings have also been designed to capture the northern sun. Tiles have been used as flooring in the informal areas to generate a heat bank. The upstairs contains two bedrooms with separate ensuites, a central living area and a balcony looking over the views.


The External

The exterior house design has larger than normal columns and façade to create a strength and scale to the passer by from the street. The ornamental columns are there to create a secondary space between the house and the garden; it is like having a pergola without the roof, and helps to add and create scale to the house.


The Stables

The stables, similar to those seen in England form a language with the use of timber and rendered walls. It is simple but elegant in its position on the block and at night with lighting it has been referred to as ‘church’ like.

The overall planning and design has been achieved with the hard work of a dedicated team and great clients who were there throughout the entire project.


Environmental Controls

1) Solar panels are used to heat the pool and the water.

2) 2 x20,000 litre tanks of water are stored at the rear of the block.

3) E’ glass was used to all windows to create comfort.

4) The house has a 6 star energy rating.

5) Insulation has been used externally through the house with sarking to the roof.

6) Led lighting was used throughout the house.

7) Heating is central gas heating throughout the house.

8) The width of house allows for natural cross ventilation and highlighted windows are used to create a chimney effect for hot air to escape.



The built form that appears now so simple was hard to create. We believe this home will withstand the stand the test of time and continue to develop and adapt to its surroundings.


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